TRANE HDPsyChart 3.1



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Date Added:05 August, 2012



Now you can get a Complete Flow Diagram Schematic with all Process and Thermo-Physical properties with One-Button-Click! NEW PROCESS ANALYSIS CAPABILITIES - New Auto Flow Chart Diagram - New Individual Process Line Color Control - New Individual Point Color, Shape and Size Control - New Winter "V" Air Mixing Capability with Condensation - New Fog Region Property Display - Constant h, WB, HR, DB Line Control NEW TOOLS - New Complete Thermal Comfort Calculator - New Weather Data Plotting with Complete Global Weather Files - New Weather Bin Shade Plotting with Complete Control - New Global Weather Data Table Access - New Weather Term Glossary - New Wind Chill Factor Calculator - New Climatic Data Printing Capability Added - New Outside Air Estimator UPDATED to ASHRAE Standard 62-2004 NEW PRESENTATION CONTROL - New Humidity Ratio Unit of Measure Control - New Mouse Cross-Hair (Like CAD!!) or Target Control - New Cooling Coil Performance Line Control - New Page Color Control - New Chart Area Color Control - New ASHRAE Class 1 through 4 Datacenter Zones (allowed & recommended) - New NEBS Datacenter Zones (allowed & recommended) - New Black & White Color Display & Print Control - New Heading On/Off Control - New Outline On/Off Control - New Zoom Window Control NEW TOOLBOX ANALYSIS - New Ability to add user defined "ToolBox" Programs under menu item tools - New Single & Double Interpolation Calculator - New Fan Law Calculator - New Duct Sizing Calculator - New Loan Calculator NEW ADDITIONAL CAPABILITIES - New High Pressure Capability up to 100 PSI - New Auto-Altitude Change with Climatic Location Selection - New Fog Region Thermo-Physical Property Display NEW LANGUAGES - Now with (13) Different Languages on Charts and Reports with one button click - New Greek Language - New Japanese Language - New Dutch Language - Improved Italian Language Updated NEW DATA EXCHANGE - New REAL-TIME Data Monitoring Capability - New Process Control added to Data Import Function - New Complete Weather Data Export to Excel or Text File - SI units added to text file & Excel Data Exchange - New Export-As Excel *.csv File - New Export-As Notepad *.txt File NEW NOTES - Improved Note Control Update

Systems: Windows

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